Meet Dr. Zach Roberts & Family 



My name is Zach Roberts. I grew up on a dairy farm in rural southwest Oklahoma. Much of my life has been spent participating in public education in some form. It could be said that I am a life-long student. 


I graduated from Elgin High School in 1993, where I was a member of the wrestling and football teams and participated in Student Council.  After earning a B.S. in Physiology from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) in 1997, I spent a gap year working in cancer research at Indiana University before attending the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, where I earned my Medical Doctorate.


This was followed by the requisite five years of Residency training at MCV in Richmond, VA, and then one year of fellowship training in Orthopedic Trauma at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Upon completion in 2009, my wife and I headed back “home” to Oklahoma, where I accepted a position as Assistant Professor at OU School of Medicine and practicing traumatologist at OU Medical Center. 


In April 2017, after nine years in academic medicine, teaching and training residents in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, I made the decision to join a private practice with an orthopedic specialty group, and our family made the move to Leawood, Kansas. 


I have been married to the same wife, Denise, for almost 20 very busy years.  In that time, we have created three of the neatest kids. Our oldest, Evyn, is a rising Junior at Shawnee Mission East.  Kylie, 12, will be starting middle school at Indian Hills in the fall.  Weston, age 10, will be challenging the patient and forgiving staff at Corinth Elementary for two more years.


Our kids keep us running with involvement in sports and creative endeavors, including soccer, the KC Clay Guild, Chamber choir, flag football, JR Master Gardeners, Youth in Action, softball, volleyball, and keeping Hobby Lobby in business.  When we do get free time, we spend it on the lake in southwest Missouri, where this old guy enjoys teaching kids to wakeboard and surf and holds an impressive success record. 


When we made the decision to move to the KC area, one of the schools that we toured was Corinth Elementary.  We knew immediately that we had found our new home. We saw a community of involved parents as well as a school system that was going to engage with our children in creative ways; becoming partners in education with children in the driver’s seat, owning and investing in their own education. 


We believe in a public school system that is funded and operated by the community in which it is located. We wanted to choose a new home base in a place where public education was a responsible option.  Four years later, we have no regrets.  Our kids have been afforded amazing opportunities and have built wonderful relationships at SMSD. 

Zach Roberts


Mission Statement  & Core Values

For most people, their choices in public service are guided by many factors; temperament, personality features, highest values, and core principles.  Ideally, everyone brings to the table their own natural gifts, areas of expertise, personal insights, and heart.  Things work best when we can find areas where we can agree and implement the best solutions, regardless of the source, and a healthy balance that creates tension but not discord or disdain is achieved. 

I made the decision to run for the school board because I am a concerned parent, just like you.  I am not a politician, I do not have an agenda, and I am not supported by any special interest group to which I owe fealty or future favors.  I simply care about my children and, by extension, our children.  I believe the school governance should involve parents of children attending the schools that they serve, and the board should be transparent and responsive to the community. 


The COVID19 pandemic and everything it wrought in 2020 and beyond was hard on everyone, but I think it was hardest on our children.  It has never been more important for us to make informed choices.  I refuse to believe these are political choices.  We must resolve to put our children and their education first.